Evaluation of each course involves Continuous Evaluation (CE) with a weightage of 20% and End Semester Evaluation (ESE) with a weightage of 80%. End Semester Examination of all courses shall be conducted by the University.

Assignments and Seminar : Each student is required to do 2 assignments or 1 seminar for each course. And it shall be assessed by the teacher-in-charge.

Class Tests : For each course there shall be a class test.

Project or Dissertation : For each First Degree Program there shall be a project or dissertation work.

The Five Point Grading Scale : For evaluating examinations/assignments etc., five letter grades are proposed.

% of marksCCPALetter Grade
90 & above 9 & above A+ Outstanding
80 to less than 90 8 to less than 9 A Excellent
70 to less than 80 7 to less than 8 B Very Good
60 to less than 70 6 to less than 7 C Good
50 to less than 60 5 to less than 6 D Satisfactory
40 to less than 50 4 to less than 5 E Adequate
Below 40 Less than 4 F Failure