Historical Survey

The Department of Chemistry has been functioning in the college from its very beginning. It became an independent department in 1977 when B.Sc chemistry was started as a subsidiary subject. In 1988 a UGC sponsored vocational course in B. Sc Industrial Chemistry was started under the department for a stipulated period of five years. Every year almost 40 students are admitted for the first year B.Sc Chemistry. The department has registered a consistently good pass percentage. Many of our students get placement in reputed institutions. About 64% of our previous batch of students got admission to various courses like M. Sc, MCA, MBA and B. Ed etc.


Teaching Methods

The faculty members are well versed in modern technique of teaching. Innovation in teaching techniques and methodologies is a prime focus of the department, with the faculty employing experimental techniques for the holistic development of the students. A proper feedback mechanism to understand the student’s perspective and to determine the effectiveness of the teaching methodology employed in imparting knowledge to the students is also in place. Basic IT knowledge is imparted to the students to make them competent. The department has well equipped lab with modern accessories competent enough for a post graduate department, having instruments like electronic balances, spectrophotometer, electrical shaker, thermostat, deionizer etc. The department makes ample use of modern equipment for more effective teaching like OHP, LCD projector etc.


Research activities

Ms. Edna Richard of the department is engaged in research in the field of Material science.

Chemistry Seminars

Seminars are an integral part of the curriculum. The seminar presentations by the students are evaluated by the staff members both on subject matter and mode of presentation.


Special Lectures

The department for the benefit of both teachers and students conducted the following seminars.

Title of the SeminarResource Person
Green Chemistry Dr. George K.E (Marthoma College, Malapuarm)
Nano materials in Medical and Allied Fields Dr. Kalyana Raman (Scientist SCTIMCT, Thiruvanathapuram)
Industrial Waste Management and Water Conservation Dr. K.V Thomas (Scientist, CESS, Thiruvanathapuram)
Chemistry in life Dr. Sudarsanan (M.G.College ,Thiruvanathapuram)
Computational Chemistry Dr. Abraham George (Mar Ivanios College , Thiruvanathapuram)
Spectroscopic Techniques Dr. Benny K. George (Scientist, VSSC, Thiruvanathapuram)

Other activities

The department conducts study tour and field visits every year. The department also takes special care in giving counseling and helping the students to solve their problems. The class teacher system helps to know the students personally and understand their learning potential and learning curve and make the teaching process as student oriented as possible. It also helps to give timely guidance and counseling to the students and works as a feedback mechanism for the teaching process.




  • St Xavier’s college was one of the first to introduce BSc Industrial chemistry under the university of Kerala
  • The department acted as a nodal agency in preparing syllabus and scheme of theory and practical examinations which was followed by other colleges.
  • Saritha S. N. secured First Rank in B.Sc Chemistry of Kerala University in 2005



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