Historical Overview

The department of English has been part of the fabric of St. Xavier’s college since its inception in 1964. The study of English opens up extraordinary and inspiring worlds of literary art and ideas. Students learn a wide range of skills in close reading, textual interpretation and critical argument. They examine how writers from different cultures over many centuries have used poetry, drama and prose to represent real and imaginative worlds. The programme broadens and deepens a student’s literary, cultural and historical understanding, developing skills in expression, interpretation, discussion and argumentation that can be put to good use in a wide variety of professional situations.


Teaching Practices

The Department has introduced many new methods and practices to make the teaching learning process interesting as well as effective. Practices like group activities, project work, use of LCD projector and many other literary activities make the learning of English language easier and interesting.

Courses offered 

Department of English offers B.A. in English and Medial Studies. It also takes care of the English language section of the curriculum in all the departments. Besides, it offers   an Add-on- course in Communicative English and provides remedial English coaching for academically poor students.



Retired Faculty

The Department has the legacy to have contributed many illustrious teachers who taught English with passion and creatively moulded the future of generations of students. The following men and women from the Department of English still live in the hearts of thousands of students for their pivotal role to actualize the dreams of many students with uncompromising commitment and hard work.

  • Dr. Mary Susan (HOD)
  • Smt. Rachel George
  • Mr. P. C. Chacko
  • Mr. P. L. Lukose
  • Fr. Paul Valiyakandathil S. J.
  • Mr. Thomas Ayithamattam
  • Mr. Ramachandran Nair
  • Dr. Antony Mathew
  • Dr. Mary Nirmala
  • Smt. Sophie Jose