St. Xavier's College Thumba generously donated, helped and supported the the victims of the most disastrous catastrophe that Kerala had ever seen. In the guidance and leadership of the Principal, Dr.(Fr.) V Y Dasappan SJ, the staff and students collected a truck full of useful items including cereals, dress, slippers, soaps, lotions, candles, medicines etc and handed over the items to the Latin Arch Diocese Thiruvananthapuram on 19th August. The students from different departments donated many items to the Government's collection centers on 19th, 20th and 21st.  Further according to the request from different distress relief camps of Alappuzha district, the college in association with PTA, Jyothinilayam School and All Saints College, again collected the requested items and distributed on 21st August, to five different camps at Alappuzha district. The camps include, St. Joseph's College Alappuzha, St. Joseph's School Alapuzha, Leo XII th School Alappuzha, Government School Pollethei and St. Michael's College Cherthala.