Maintenance and Utilization of Facilities

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Multi-Media Room (MMR)

The Multi-Media Room (MMR) is a centralized facility for Multimedia-based instructions and presentations for our staff and students. It has a seating capacity of 120.


St. Xavier’s College Ladies Hostel

The campus hostel is only for female students of the college. Constructed with the help of UGC and Kerala Jesuit Society the hostel has a capacity to accommodate 60 students with three occupants in a room. Applications are accepted only after admission to the College has been secured. The College Principal is the overall in-charge of the Hostel. However, sisters of St. Gerome are entrusted with the administration of the hostel with Fr. Pious Vachaparambil acting as the director. Sr. Kocuthresia is the warden and Sr. Shincy is the assistant warden.


College Counselling Centre

St. Xavier’s has been offering counselling services with a firm conviction that every student should be given an opportunity to be accompanied by a competent person during their college life. It provides the following services: Personal Counselling - interviews for better personal and social adjustment; personality evaluation tests for self-improvement etc.


Women's Studies

The Centre seeks to consolidate and strengthen many of the college’s initiatives towards women’s education, research and interventions on gender issues. The Centre not only takes up research and documentation in the field, but also seeks to focus on links between activism, intervention and academics. Working across languages, it hopes to build a local thrust. The Centre endeavours to realize its aims of empowering women through seminars and workshops.


First Aid Centres

Basic first aid is available with the College General Office. The College General Office personnel will facilitate the calling of a doctor in case of an emergency or the person concerned can be immediately taken to the nearby Fatima Hospital, Thumba.


College Canteen

College Canteen has a large spacious area, with a view of greenery and a variety of refreshments and meals available. It is a place on the campus not only for refreshment but also for student bonding, discussions and even for working on assignments and projects.


Girl's Amenity Centre

Girl's Amenity, constructed by the Social Responsibility Fund of SBI was inaugurated in 2018 by Dr. A Sampath (MP), in the presence of Smt. J Mercykkuttiy Amma (Minister of fisheries), Sri. V Sasi (Dpty. Speaker), Prof. C Raveendranath (Minister of Education) and Sri. Kadakampalli Surendran (Minister for co-operation, tourism and devaswom). The amenity centre has rest rooms, sick room, toilets, toilet for the physically disabled and napkin vending machine.


Complaints against Caste Discrimination

SC/SC students can lodge their complaints regarding caste discrimination through the following link. Complaints will be considered by SC/ST committee of the college and Principal will be appealing authority.


Best Practices 2019-20

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